Sunday, December 15, 2013


Three recent releases by Sump:

Artists: Sump and Obey
Album: Sump & Obey split
Label: Boiled Brains Bootlegs
Year: 2012
Genre: Black Metal, Punk, Doom Metal
Limitation: ?

Recording of a live set by each band. Sump provides the usual blackened punk stomping songs from previous demos. Obey which I believe is some of the usual participants in bands from the region (I think Lucy Johnson is one of them) plays raw doom metal. It sometimes feels like the set is mostly improvisation. Sound quality is decent for live sets by bands who don't care too much about production. 

Artist: Sump
Album: Live In Yorkshire
Label: Bizarre Intoxication
Year: 2012
Genre: Black Metal, Punk

Another live set from Sump. Could be me but it sounds like the songs are all played a little faster than they were recorded on the demos. Probably my favorite version of Pit To Dust is on here. This was supposedly a one-sided cassette, but when I tried playing the B-side there was some garbled recordings on there. Maybe another live set, it's hard to tell since nothing is discernible. I included it in the rip file in case someone knows more about it.

Artists: Sump & Leather Chalice
Album: Sump & Leather Chalice
Label: Blud Auk Tapes
Year: 2013
Genre: Black Metal, Punk
Limitation: 250

The newest Sump material are rippers again like every release before. Leather Chalice on the other hand were new to me. Still blackened punk but the songs were kind of catchy. Can't wait to get my hands on more of them.

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